Water Fitness

aqua-joggingWater Fitness are considered the more advanced components of the aquatic therapy program.It’s a great way to get and stay in shape.Participants have a choice to either do the exercises in the shallow-end or the deep-end of the pool so swimming skills are not a necessity.It is a great program for anyone and is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience minor joint or back pain.


There are many unique properties that make water an ideal place to exercise:

  • Stimulation of the water around the body provides a massaging effect which distracts from the pain.
  • Buoyancy of the water fully supports the joint and helps control swelling.
  • Pool water temperatures are slightly lower than the body temperature which will aid in reducing swelling and be warm enough to keep muscles relaxed.
  • Water provides resistance in both directions therefore opposing muscles groups work more evenly.
  • In chest deep water you weigh only one tenth your normal weight so movement in water is much easier as compared to exercising on land.
  • Water pressure on the body helps return blood to the heart therefore it doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood and oxygen.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:45 – 9:45 am
Tuesday and Thursday at  7:00 – 8:00 pm
Drop-in fee is $ 4.75 per class or a 12 class punch card –  Adults $ 50.00 and Seniors $ 45.00